Welcome to Big Data as a Service !

Doopex is a Big Data as a Service Platform (BDaaS).
Forgot about the complex Hadoop installation process. With Doopex, you can use our intuitive interface to configure your big data project in minutes and start executing MapReduce programs, Pig scripts, Hive selects, Oozie flows, and more.

Not all the BDaaS platforms out there are similar. We are the first BDaaS company to offer all three pillars of a complete BDaaS solution:

  • IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service (Based on VMware technology)
  • PaaS: Platform as a Service (Hadoop Ecosystem + Spark)
  • SaaS: Software as a Service (A Web Interface to manage Big Data projects)

Why Doopex?

Doopex's UI was created to eliminate the learning curve.
You can define your project with a few clicks and start quickly to analyze your data.

Big Data helps you to get insights.
But the time cost is extremely important in a competitive market. With Doopex, you'll analize much more quickly your data.

Our flexible pricing models allow you to choose the best suited option for your project and your budget. Compare it with other vendors or in-house solutions. We are confident that we have the most competitive prices.


We take care of your data. We have a well-established compliance program to implement the strictest security measures in the market.

Request new nodes for your cluster with just one click, and pay for the resources that you are actually using. Doopex makes Hadoop scaling as simple as possible.

Doopex provides cutting-edge performance both in Public and Private Clusters allowing companies to solve complex problems in easy ways.

Is Doopex right for you?

If so, click to try now, and test it for free!