Pricing - "Pay As You Go" or "Plans"

Pricing Model

Doopex provides an awesome web application to help you with the Big Data projects implementation.
The good news is this tool is totally free. You pay just for the infrastructure you are using: Computing (Memory+CPUs) and Storage.

  • Computing: The unit of measurement for computing is the Doop. 1 Doop = 1 Hour of Big Data Computing in a node with 8 CPUs and 30 Gigas RAM.
  • Storage: The unit of measurement for storage is the Giga. Doopex customers are only charged for the Gigas they use during the billing period (1 month).

With Doopex, you can choose between two pricing models: "Pay As You Go" or "Plans".

Pay As You Go (Open Cluster)

With this pricing model, you don't pay anything if you don't use the system. You are just charged for the resources you effectively use in your Big Data projects with Doopex.
At the end of each month, we calculate the Gigas and Doops you have used, and we bill you just for that usages, according to our prices.


0,02 € Per Giga / Month


0,33 € Per Doop

Plans (Closed Cluster)

Monthly plans allow Doopex users to contract a Closed Cluster with reserved instances for your projects.
These plans are perfect if you want to know in advance how much you will pay.
You can choose the type of nodes for your cluster and the quantity.

Doopex Nodes

Memory +

8 CPUs


  • 300 € / Month

Compute +

16 CPUs


  • 300 € / Month


0,015 € Per Giga / Month