Doopex is Data Cloud Efficiency

Doopex is used in state-of-the-art datacenters that have strict product requirements, including quality, security, electrical power and connectivity reliability, and power-efficiency metrics.

Our main datacenters are in The Netherlands and Spain, and all the hardware and network components are optimized for the High performance with Hadoop.

Running the leading Hadoop distribution (Cloudera) in this kind of infrastructure, we get the most efficient configuration for our Hadoop clusters.


Each node features two state-of-the-art Intel E5-2600 series processors that in combination provides 12 real cores (24 threads with Hyper-Threading) and a minimum of 24Ghz, 30Ghz in turbo mode.


The Doopex infrastructure has a variety of persistent storage options that are accessible through the network, powered by a 20Gbps uplink that is present in all the computing nodes.


Doopex’s network features 10G+ switching and routing at all layers and use network devices that are capable of performing it at wire speed, both in layer 2 and layer 3.


Any service with the Cloud label is prone to have security concerns since it is sharing lots of resources among all the users. All provisioned networks are independent and isolated VLANs.

Our partners and providers

Stackscale is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider that offers highly available and reliable Private Cloud Solutions.

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Founded in 1998, VMware is the global leader in business infrastructure virtualization and cloud environments.

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Our computing nodes are equipped with the newest high performance Intel Xeon processors, the E5-2600 series.

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Our computing nodes are equipped with the newest high performance Intel Xeon processors, the E5-2600 series.

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Infraestructure Key Features

The Doopex infraestructure allows you to scale your projects in an agile way. You can reduce or increase your Hadoop nodes with just one click.

Everything within Doopex’s infrastructure that can be redundant is. All the Hadoop components in our clusters are deployed in HA (High availability mode): Name nodes, Resource Manager, Oozie, Zookeper, etc.

Doopex’s platform has been designed with security in mind. Several measures have been put in place to reach almost the same security level that a completely isolated Hadoop Cluster could have.


At Doopex, we host mission-critical applications, and we strongly believe that our customers must know all the relevant details of our infrastructure.

Doopex environments are comprised of dedicated computing nodes of exclusive use, dedicated and isolated bottleneck-free networks (20Gbps per node) and QoS-driven shared storage with IOPS reservation.

Many of our customers can build their Big Data project around our current features, but some of them need special setups. We never say NO to a specific ad-hoc setup.

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